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Tips For Taking Care of Elderly Relatives At Home

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Many Americans are living longer and fuller lives than ever before. This, combined with a limited number of nursing homes and elder-care facilities, as well as retired baby boomers who prefer to care for their parents themselves, means that the need for trained home health care professionals is rising. The only downfall to this is the fact that these home health care nurses are not available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, either because it is an impossibility, or due to insurance not wanting to cover the costs.

When these nurses are not on duty, the baby boomers – or their children and grandchildren – must step up and take care of their elderly family members, which can quickly become overwhelming. Some other problems that can arise include not being able to leave the house on a whim, having to carry out nursing tasks that they are not trained to do, and having to curtail weekend activities in order to avoid leaving their loved ones alone. All of this can become frustrating, which is where these three handy tips come in:

1) Get help from other family members. Having your sister, brother or other relative take your elderly mother or father to their house for a periodic weekend gives you some breathing room to enjoy a weekend getaway or trip, and allows them to spend some quality time with their aging loved one.

2) Have all necessary information at hand. If something should happen and your elderly  loved one needs to go to the emergency room, make sure that you have a list of doctors and medications.

3) Spread out the tasks. Rather than having one person take care of everything, medical paperwork and all, spread it out. Have one person in charge of medications, another to deal with insurance paperwork, and third to keep track of nursing and “visitation” schedules.


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