Top Ten Reasons to Keep Working Until You Die

by Sarah Hill

in Aging, Retirement

Working has become normal for both men and women in our society. It’s natural for people to need to make money and provide for themselves. Retirement is common, but may not be what’s right for you. Here are the top ten reasons to continue working until you die:

1. Money: That’s right, the longer you work, the more money you’ll have and you can use that money to do anything you please whether that be a fancy vacation to Hawaii on your time off or something to help out your family after you pass.

2. Raises: Yes, if you continue working you will most likely get a larger amount of money for a smaller amount of time. Through annual raises, promotions, or bonuses, they’re bound to happen sometime and the longer you work, the higher your chances are of getting them.

3. Benefits: A lot of places offer employee benefits as well as insurance coverage for things like medical and dental bills. These benefits are always handy to have and when you retire, they disappear, raises your expenses and shrinking your savings.

4. Want it: If you have a job that lets you do what you love, why would you stop? It’s as simple as that, maybe you need to go through a few jobs until you find one that works for you but if it makes you happy everyday, stick with it.

5. Fresh Ideas: As you age, younger people will most likely be brought in to positions around you, giving a variation in the ideas. As new perspectives are shared, the contrast may lead to conflicts and those conflicts will bring up questions and thoughts that may change your workplace for the better.

6. People: If you work around people, you may meet some that are worthwhile. Maybe you’ll find yourself with new friends or just new connections to the world that can help you in the future. The longer you’re around, the more people you’ll meet.

7. Stay Active: Working can keep your mind and in some cases, your body, active for a large part of the day where you may not have done many things.

8. Change the World: Maybe your job helps the homeless or maybe it just installs windows. Whatever it is, as long as you believe in your work, you can change the world, one person or window at a time. While you work, you may feel a sense of purpose as you continue to use you time for something worthwhile.

9. Challenge: People always like a good challenge. That’s why children do dares, some adults bet, and people still smile when they have a full-time job and four kids at home. If you continue to work and continue to challenge yourself, chances are you’ll get better which will bring great satisfaction, if not a promotion.

10. Get the Best of Both Worlds: You can have a job you enjoy and time to have a personal life alongside. Not only can personal life be a great escape from life at work, but working can also help you find some quiet time to focus on just work, no matter what problems or chaos is happening at home. The two parts can balance your life and the issues in one may make you cherish the good moments in the other even more.

Working, just like all other aspects in life has its benefits and its faults. Depending on your own experience and background you can find a situation that works for you. Maybe that means working full time, part time, volunteering, or simply retiring. Whatever it is, working can move us forward in life and help us achieve our dreams, no matter how old we are.

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