Aging and Opportunity; A Cause for Celebration

by Sarah Hill

in Beautiful Thoughts

Aging is universally accepted as something inevitable. Until someone creates a fountain of youth, we will all grow older whether we want to or not. Some things get better as they age; cheese and wine do, so why not people?

A common phrase, “with age comes wisdom,” implies that no matter what you do with your time, you will grow wiser. This won’t happen unless you make it happen. Wisdom will come as you gain more experiences and reflect on them to understand and learn. With that knowledge, you can move on from understanding life to understanding what you want from it. Getting older should be about being who you want to be – we don’t have enough time to do anything else! To waste any time doing things that don’t move you forward with your goals will get you everywhere. Well, everywhere except the place you want to be.

Priorities change as you grow older. With less time and energy than at a younger age, you might be forced to focus on day to day things in order to keep moving forward to the future. However, with efficient actions and better priorities, age might be the cure to procrastination and empty promises to your employer, your family and friends, and most importantly to yourself.

In order to survive with a job and a family, we need to know how to handle day to day goals. In order to reach long term goals, we have to set them. Maybe you want to quit your day job and become a movie star. Maybe all you want is to retire before you don’t have any energy left to travel and spend time with family. No matter your goals, the key is to find a balance between short term and long term goals. Luckily, the two often mesh very well together.

Opportunities are second chances and they are necessary to our society because rarely does a person get everything right the first time. While there are many opportunities for younger people, they don’t stop as you age. Some opportunities are only for people with experience. Let’s say you want to be a culinary chef. You are probably more qualified for the position than someone straight out of culinary school if you spent the last decade as a local food critic or editing a food magazine. As you get more experience under your belt, more opportunities may arrive that are specific to your skills. With this experience, you can view the world with a new perspective that someone younger may not have yet discovered.

Growing old is full of possibilities. Just like any year in a persons life, we will have good moments and bad moments. It’s how we react to those moments that makes us who we are, no matter how old. Age brings with it what we choose through our actions and the consequences of those actions. With all our new technology and opportunities, growing older may be one of our best adventures yet.

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