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About Memorial Urns That Will Lovingly Keep Your Departed Loved One

by Vaughn Balchunas

in Cremation, Pet Cremation

Memorial Urns That Will Lovingly Keep Your Departed Loved One


The passing of a loved one is sad and difficult time for any family. Whether the demise is expected because of a terminal illness or is sudden due to an accident, families grieve deeply just the same. Most people prepare ahead for their eventual death to ease the family of this added concern when it comes.

Cremation as an alternative to regular burial

Cremation is a process by which a dead body is exposed to extreme heat with a temperature of 1800 to 2000 °F for about two hours or more in a crematorium. The high heat is necessary to remove the high water content of human bodies; the length of cremation depends on body weight. After the process, the body is reduced to its basic elements and referred to as cremated remains (cremains) which are placed in ornamental urns and interred in a columbarium or buried in the cemetery.

Sorting cremains

Cremains, contrary to what many people think, resemble white-colored coarse sand instead of ashes, and usually weigh between four to six pounds. These sand-like particles are actually the pulverized bone fragments from the mechanical process of cremation. Prior to this, the bone fragments and other items like metal from the teeth are sorted manually with the use of a magnet. The bone fragments are then ground to a consistent size then kept in a special urn provided by the family.

Keeping cremains

With cremation becoming a choice for many, companies like Memorial Urns have specialized in beautiful urns. These are made from different materials like metal and ceramic. They can be designed to commemorate the deceased’s particular lifestyle, as in the case of special urns for golfers. Commemorative jewelry like pendants can also keep a small amount of cremains or a lock of hair to keep your loved one close to your heart.

Urns for Pets

In the recent years, more families have also enlisted cremation services for their beloved pets like dogs, cats, or birds. This practice is slowly gaining popularity because of the special bond between owner and pet. Ownerscan choose froma variety of personalized pet urns for storing the latter’s cremains.

Keeping the Memory

Death is a loss and will always leave a void. But with proper preparation, the situation can be made bearable. A specially-chosen urn for your loved one or loyal pet will keep his memory alive.

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