The Artful Beauty of Remembering

by Sarah Hill

in Cremation

Life in all of its complexities ends in death – a simple beauty gracing the pain and sorrow that follow. Everyone struggles with the pain of losing the people close to us and artists have found a new way to express their feelings. Artists can create remarkable memorial urns to honor loved ones.
These urns are not only beautiful, they represent what was most beautiful about life and help show that beauty continues even after death. Urns can remind us of the moments we cherished and the people we shared them with, long after they are gone. With thousands of urns being created, we can choose urns that represent the personal qualities of our loved one, not just the ashes that lay within. With every stroke of paint, every scratch of an engraving a unique image is created, mirroring the personality of the deceased.
With old materials, artists are creating new designs from glass, bronze, brass, marble, wood, and a variety of other materials. Shaping incredible pieces, true art is created. Through sculptures, molding, carving, and various other methods, artists can express themselves while honoring lives and the deaths that follow. The newest form, biodegradable urns that you bury in a garden with the seed of a tree or flower, honor death with new life. For centuries, vases or urns have been used to show death. In ancient Greece, beautiful vases were painted showing scenes depicting the deceased bordered by mourners.
Walking through a graveyard you will find the personalities of the deceased thriving. The word, engravings, textures, flowers, sculptures, and size of every headstone is riddled with a person’s past. Their personalities linger, obvious to any outsider who steps foot inside the graveyard. Similar to headstones, urns represent the life of a person. Now urns are made of all materials and in all shapes and sizes. They can be personalized with engravings, photos, or even painted patterns. These provide a chance to reflect on who the deceased was and their impact on the world.
When someone loved passes, it can be a struggle to live without them especially if they were a very important part of our lives. Death will continue to fall upon us and we will continue to remember life by its most touching moments. Unique people deserve to be remembered in with beauty, art, and passion. Pain will never stop coming but we can find peace in the artful beauty of remembering.

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