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Life After Death – How to Kill Your Online Persona

by Sarah Hill

in Death and Dying

In our progressing society, people are becoming more and more reliant on technology and many people are very active in their lives online. The question arises- Some people may want to have a Facebook account forever or to have all their Youtube videos  out in the open as long as Youtube lives-but some people won’t want that.

A very simple way to ensure your online persona dies when you do is to leave a family member or trusted friend a list of user-names and passwords along with all the accounts for them to delete once you pass away. You can even use a handy Facebook app, If I Die. This allows you to leave a video or text message for you last words. Along with whatever sweet, sad or funny words you choose to leave, you can add in a note at the end asking someone to delete your account.

To really harness the tech powers this modern world grants us, we can use services like deleteme from Abine. There are other companies made for the same purpose including Web 2.0 Suicide Machine and Account Killer. Though ominously named, these companies don’t use carving knives and guns to kill your online persona, they use programs specifically made for deleting or people who send emails, make phone calls, and find loop-holes in privacy agreements. All these sites promise they can delete all your old accounts, blog posts, social networking profiles, and much more to secure your online privacy. Some websites allow accounts to be easily deleted and others don’t. Account Killer organizes these into categories. If the website is blacklisted, like Skype, it can’t  be deleted easily compared to websites on the white list.

Erasing yourself from the web may be something you want to do relatively early in life. If all your accounts become too much to handle, you can select the accounts you want deleted, choosing to continue with some and end others. Although our progressing world uses the internet constantly, it’s a smart idea to erase your online persona at some point in your life.

Maybe the reason you want to delete is a cyberstalker, excess spam from companies you’ve never heard of, too many uncontrollable accounts, or maybe the internet was getting in the way of you living your life. Whatever the reason for deleting, there are resources out there for you and life – or death – outside the internet is waiting.


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