Crematoria: recycling prosthetics

by Staff

in Funerals

More and more crematoria are getting concerned with the environment. Thus, they are taking the lead in recycling prosthetics by diligently filtering the scraps for recycling. Prosthetic hips, artificial knees and metal implants of all sorts, are taken to recycling plants once the family members of the deceased agree to donate it.

One factory proudly admits that they sift 200 tons of valuable metals annually.

“When relatives are asked, virtually no one objects that the ashes are sifted for reusable metals, says Ruud Verberne, director of OrthoMetals, which recovers 200 tons of valuable metals a year from funeral parlors.”

The OrthoMetals is a good example for everyone. It not only helps make a better place for our future but it also reaches out to other people by means of donating its proceeds to different charity organizations.

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