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Online Funerals and Memorials Are Growing In Popularity

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First it was online guest books. People who couldn’t make it to the funeral, whether they were living across the country or simply not close enough to the deceased to attend, could leave messages for the surviving friends and family. Some of these guest books can be left up forever (depending on the level of service purchased) or only for a few months. Now, the biggest trend is with funerals simultaneously webcast so that loved ones who can’t make it to the funeral can still it see take place and feel like they have said good-bye to the deceased along with everyone else.

Although some companies that offer the service, for example, FuneralOne, started in 2010, it wasn’t until the death of Whitney Houston, whose funeral was watched world wide online, that the popularity of an online funeral took off. There are now a number of web companies offering the service, and don’t be surprised if it becomes either a standard or optional part of the package when purchasing funeral services — just as online guest books have.

While nothing compares to attending the funeral of a friend or relative in person, if you are stuck in a different part of the country or even somewhere across the globe without the┬ámeans, time off from work or physical ability to make it to the funeral, then attending online becomes your best option. In fact, even if you cannot watch it online for whatever reason — say, you have to be at the office at that time or your Internet connection is down — then you may be able to purchase a DVD of the funeral from the same company that offered the online viewing. This makes the service extremely useful.

Will an online funeral replace the traditional in-person funeral? It is very doubtful that it will, but the growing popularity of them is not to be ignored.

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