Creativity can Heal the Wounds of War

by Staff

in Healing

Today we honor the men and woman of the armed forces who serve our country. Part of honoring is taking time to consider what we can do to be truly helpful.  We know that the mental wounds of war often last a lifetime and sometimes never heal. So what can be done to help these soldiers heal? Well, one group has started a song writing workshop in Texas. It’s long been known that writing about our feelings and experiences can help us heal.  Add the healing effect of music and we have a dynamic duo.   Actually, I’d assume any form of creativity that resonates with the soul can help one heal; Think of Agent Gibbs of the NCIS TV show spending untold hours building boats in his basement.

I have yet to meet anyone who did not have a creative need. In our business, we know of numerous artists who devote their life to creating beautiful memorials for those who have passed. I’m sure most, if not all, would say their work is a form of  therapy. Most of us have not had to live with the trauma of foreign wars, yet we all carry the effects of our own battles; healing is a constant need in the world.


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