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Did You Get that Cough From Your Dog?

by Sarah Hill

in Health

Pets are now a large part of lives around the world, over 60 million homes in America have at least one household pet. Like most living things, pets can get sick and when they do, it may be possible they’ll pass on their sickness to you or your family. Diseases transmitted from pet to people are known as zoonotic diseases. The health of our pets is very important and with simple trips to the veterinarian and a little clean sense.

Two of the most common viral diseases include rabies and cat-scratch fever. Rabies has it’s reputation of making it’s victim foam at the mouth but can be very dangerous. This disease causes brain inflammation and early symptoms include headache, fever, and a feeling of unease. In most cases, the disease is transmitted by an animal bite. Rabies can be easily avoided with vaccinations and common sense when interacting with strange animals. Cat-Scratch disease (also known as Cat-Scratch Fever, Lymphadenitis, and many other names) is a disease most commonly found in children. A cat scratch may transfer the bacteria bartonella resulting in a high fever, swollen lymph notes, and weakness. Most cases resolve themselves and require no medical assistance.

Strep throat is a fairly well known illness that could be brought around by a variety of things. Pets are one of the known causes and people have also been known to pass on the disease to their pets instead of the other way around so care should be taken not to kiss, lick, or share food with pets especially if any symptoms arise.

Sometimes simply touching your pet or the use of contaminated objects is enough to pass on a disease from your pet. These include Salmonellosis (this one leads to unpleasant stuff coming out both ends), Roundworms (often causes fever and cough), Ringworm (skin, nail, or hair infections), and Scabies (itchy skin disease).

These posibilities don’t mean everyone should lock their pets up in a cage and feed them through a metal flap. The chances of getting these are slim and prevention is easy. With trips to the vet, vaccinations, common sense, and a clean relationship, man still has a best friend.

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