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Baby Boomers and Technology Don’t Always Mix

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The results are in, according to the Huffington Post: Baby Boomers are split between embracing new technology and clinging to old fashioned methods of communication like letters sent via “snail mail” and land line telephones. In some cases, the amount of smart phone users, Facebook members and computer-savvy Internet addicts among the ranks of Baby Boomers seems to be rising steadily, while others are avoiding these new innovations at all costs.

Even the majority of the members of this generation, which describes those between the ages of 50 and 64, who do embrace new technology, do so tentatively. While the bulk of Baby Boomers do have a cell phone, it is usually a old school flip phone that makes calls, takes pictures and sends texts (not that they send texts or take pictures with it). The odds that they have a smart phone that allows them to download apps, watch television shows and check their email is slim. Others accept that email is a necessity, especially in order to keep in tough with their children and grandchildren, but only check it once a day. They do not live on their computers and smart phones like the younger generations do.

With that said, a portion of Baby Boomers are interested in new technology, and are more than willing to experiment with it. They sign up for Facebook and befriend their few old classmates who, like them, have decided to “see what it’s all about.” They buy iPhones and iPads, and, even though they may not know what an app is or how to properly use one, are determined to figure it out. These are the Baby Boomers who are afraid to not only be seen as “not cool” by younger family members, and accept that this is the only way to prevent that from happening, but also to keep themselves from feeling old.

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