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5 Strange Cat Behaviors

by Staff

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Any cat owner will tell you about the silly and strange things that their cats do on a daily basis. Here are five cat behaviors you may hear about from them. These can best be described as both funny and strange at the same time:

1) Stomp on a toy mouse. This is one of the funniest things that cats do. They grab a toy mouse, beat it up with their paws, then place it on the ground and stomp on it with their hind legs. Picture Thumper in Bambi, only with a cat doing the thumping on a mouse instead of the ground.

2) Climb inside of plastic grocery bags. Cats like to climb into things, which is why so many cat accessories involved fuzzy crates or cat trees with enclosed sections that are accessible by only a small cat-sized hole. A plastic grocery bag makes a perfect (and disposable!) hidey-hole for a cat.

3) Chase a laser light around the house. Although dogs sometimes do this, cats are most susceptible to the laser light. Whether it’s attached to a special cat toy, or is an actual laser pointer sold for office use, a cat will chase it around the house. If the cats in question are hyper enough, you may even see them “spin” in circles trying to catch the light.

4) Attack their reflections in a mirror. Cats look into a mirror and see themselves, but think that it’s another cat. So, they’ll try to circle around the mirror to find the “other cat”, or outright start pawing at their reflection as if to attack it. Either way, it’s hilarious to watch.

5) Stalk wildlife: birds, squirrels, chipmunks and skunks. An open window (or even a closed one) is an invitation to stalk wildlife. Cats will spend hours making chittering noises and trying to catch the squirrels, chipmunks and birds that walk by.

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