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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe

by Staff

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It goes without saying that every pet owner want their dog or cat to live the longest, healthiest life possible. And the only way to help him or her do so is by properly taking care of your dog or cat, which includes yearly vet visits, purchasing the right food (and feeding your pet the right amounts) and by playing with your whenever possible. On top of these things, you also need to keep your pet safe. Here are five easy ways to do so:

1) Keep your dog on a leash. This sounds like common sense, but even the most well-behaved and trained dog can get into trouble when not on one. Just because your dog stays by your side all of the time, that doesn’t mean that he or she won’t occasionally get away… and end up darting in front of a car or worse.

2) Don’t let your pet eat items that are poisonous to him or her. Believe it or not, many “people” foods are bad for your pets. Besides not providing the necessary nutrition, these things can poison your cat or dog: chocolate, garlic, onion, raisins, grapes, caffeinated drinks, alcohol and yeast — or unbaked breads that contain yeast — are all poisonous to pets.

3) Keep an eye on the temperature when you’re considering letting your pets out of the house. If it’s too hot or too cold, and you absolutely have to let your dog outside, then don’t let him or her stay out for very long. The same goes for leaving your pet in the car on an extremely warm or cold day.

4) Don’t let your dog or cat into the kitchen while you’re cooking. Never mind the fact that you could end up with fur in your food — you could end up with a burned pet if he or she gets too close to the stove top.

5) Put a sticker on each door of your house that alerts firefighters to how many and what types of pets you have in the house. This way, if your house should catch fire, the rescue personnel are aware that you have pets, and will save them, if they have a chance.

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