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A Cat and a Deer and Other Odd Animal Pairings

by Staff

in For Our Pets

In Harrisburg, PA, there are a cat and a deer running around together. Details are sketchy on how the pairing began, and all that really matters is the fact that they are best friends. Apparently, the deer even lets the cat crawl on it and gently nip at its ears. Now that’s friendship!

While the animal kingdom is full of horror stories, especially since mother nature has declared that some of them are the predators and others are the prey, there are still heartwarming stories that pop up now and then. For example, there are some where an abandoned baby chick decides that its mother is a cat, or a lonely runt-of-the-litter kitten being nursed by a dog that has just given birth to a litter of puppies.

Things get even more extreme, such as lovebirds that ride around the house on top of a cat, or a gazelle in a zoo hanging out with the tigers. There are even gorillas that love their pet kittens, and mother pigs that nurse puppies. It seems as though in nature, things can change with the blink of an eye, leaving even the strangest of bedfellows paired up together.

The real question is: why does this happen? What occurs that makes natural predators suddenly switch sides and become friends with the animals that they would normally prey on? Is it something in the water, in their food, or in their environment? Just like how a puppy can grow up to become either friendly or vicious based on how it was treated by the people who own and have raised it, can a usually predatory animal switch gears, because it was loved and shown that all other animals are its friends?

Or is it that animals have more human characteristics than we would like to admit?

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