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Custom Stuffed Animals Do Double-Duty in Fundraisers

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There are many no-kill shelters that run under the official Human Society name, yet receive no funding from them, or from the city or county that they are located in. These shelters, which save the lives of many abandoned, abused and unwanted pets each year, instead rely on the goodwill of animal lovers in the community and local corporations for both monetary and physical donations, such as pet food, supplies and staples like paper towels and hand sanitizer.

Now, instead of relying solely on these donations, they can accept a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Shelter Pups, stuffed dogs made out felted wool that are made to resemble any number of breeds – just like the mutts that are prevalent in animal shelters. You won’t find any perfect replicas of dachshunds, terriers or dalmatians here. Parts of the stuffed dogs may look like these breeds, but they won’t match them entirely.

Shelter Pups was started by Jim Verhagen, after his daughter mentioned that none of her stuffed dogs looked anything like the real-life ones that the family adopted from shelters near their home. It sparked the idea to make stuffed dogs that look like the ones in the shelters, complete with graying muzzles, missing eyes and the other small things that make each dog unique and completely lovable.

A custom Shelter Pup costs $75, and is a replica of your dog. You submit pictures and other information upon ordering, and within a week (the turnaround time is currently 6 days) receive a stuffed pup made from Merino wool that looks like your dog, only smaller. Right now a portion of the money from each sale — $15 to be exact — goes to a local animal shelter. However, there are also already-made pups that can be bought for less. There are also rescue points that come with each purchase Shelter Pup that can be traded in for a monetary donation to the shelter of your choice.

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