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Designer Doggy Accessories Take the Cake — Or is it the “Milkbone?”

by Staff

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Do a quick search on dog accessories or doggy bakeries online and a number of different places show up. There are boutiques that sell dog-only items so that you can dress your pooch in a different outfit every day or the week (or month), and there are bakeries that specialize in dog-only treats like organic gourmet milk bones or pooch-friendly cupcakes. You can find entire blogs devoted to making your own vegan, organic dog food, and magazines with names like Dog Lover, Modern Dog and K9, that feature the latest and greatest in toys, treats and other goodies for your pampered pup.

How far has the trend gone? Picture Paris Hilton with her designer-name dog carrier, complete with a chihuahua wearing a mini-skirt. Or Brent Michaels from the 80’s metal/hair band Poison and his line of dog leashes, collars and beds that is sold only at PetsMart. It’s entirely possible to buy a diamond-studded dog collar — for your pooch — and complete the outfit with doggy-sized leather coat and matching boots. Yes, your pet can have accessories that cost more than yours.

And in a society where pets, dogs and cats in particular, have been elevated to the level of furry, meowing and barking children, why not? After all, billionaire hotel entrepreneur Leona Helmsley left 12 million dollar to her dog, a pampered Maltese named Trouble, when she passed away in 2007. That’s more money than she left her grandchildren.

Where will it end? We already have pet cemeteries, pet urns, and pet memorials. The number of doggy bakeries and online (and brick and mortar) specialty shops doesn’t seem to be ceasing, and pets can have everything that their furry hearts desire, including specially made organic dog food that’s sold in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.

Are your furry friends worth it? Yes, apparently, they’re worth every penny!


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