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Luxury Daycare Has Gone to the Dogs

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More proof that people are treating their pets as children comes in the form of luxury daycare centers for dogs. There are doggy bakeries that specialize in gourmet treats for pooches, designer leashes,beds and bowls, and even environmentally-friendly dog toys. All three of these, as well as the aforementioned luxury daycare services can be found at New York City’s The Spot Experience.

The Spot Experience has several doggy daycare facilities located around the city, each with a special epoxy floor that is designed to protect dog’s feet, a shuttle service that picks your dog up at your building and drops it off later, and web cams, so you can watch your dog romp and play from where ever you happen to be spending your day. On top this, they have grooming services, training classes and hire walking professionals to take your dogs on walks throughout the city.

Their retail stores (each located conveniently in their daycare centers) have treats, food and collars, among other things, from companies like WagWear, Jax and Bones, Stella & Chewy’s, Unleashed Life, Primal Pet Foods and Bocce’s Bakery, guaranteeing that the owners who can afford to have their pets looked after in luxury can also feed them organic food and treats, and deck them out in the latest in doggy fashion.

Not only do they have six locations around the city: two on the Upper West Side, one in Chelsea, one in Tribeca, one at the Newark Airport and one in Putnam County (called Spot Country), but they just signed a deal with real estate company Rose Associates to provide doggy concierge services to  approximately 4,500 of their 38,000 apartment dwellers.

This is on top of the already numerous magazines targeting the affluent dog owner, and entire web stores devoted to clothing for pooches, so what can possibly be next? Even Brett Michaels, formerly of the 80’s metal band Poison, has a line of pet clothing and accessories that are sold at PetsMart. So, how far will the trend go, if it’s even a trend at all?

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