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October is Rescue Dog Month

by Staff

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There are designated months for everything. October is usually known as Breast Cancer Awareness month, but did you know that it’s also Rescue Dog Month? This is the month for adopting a homeless dog from an animal shelter, or simply giving money to your local Humane Society or ASPCA branch on behalf of dogs everywhere, if you cannot adopt one for whatever reason.

Shelters are full of homeless dogs that end up their due to their being mistreated by their former owners, relinquished due to their owner not being able to afford to take care of them anymore or because their owner has moved to a place that does not allow dogs. Because of this, there are plenty of lovable dogs that are seeking homes. (And if you visit a shelter and do not find a dog that strikes your fancy, there are always plenty of cats ready and waiting to be adopted.)

So, why adopt a shelter dog or a “rescue dog?” Easy. Not only are these dogs in need of a forever home, but they have already been evaluated as far as their mental and physical needs are concerned. Unlike the pets that you pick out at a pet store, you will know right away if your new dog is calm, good with kids, friendly with other pets, or high strung and in need of special attention. This is due to the fact that these dogs have been treated and often placed in a color-coded cage. You can walk in, fill out an adoption form, and specify if you want a calm dog, one that loves the outdoors, or one that loves to play. You will find one that fits your specific lifestyle, unlike the “crapshoot” that you get when purchasing a puppy from a pet store. This is why you should adopt a rescue dog.

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