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Should Your Pet Be on a Raw Food Diet?

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There are many stories in the news regarding pet care and how the switch from one diet to another can help a pet live a longer life. Some of these accounts also include curing the pet of anything that ails him or her — including cancer. However, the real question here is: did the diet cure the animal, or did the diet (along with a little help from modern medicine and veterinary care) really do the job?

While many people say that switching your pet from a standard commercial pet food diet to one consisting of all-natural, organic, raw or only vegetarian foods won’t hurt at all, it can in some cases. Just as it is with humans, switching from one food to another quickly, without any transition period in between can cause gastrointestinal distress. The only problem is, while a human will slowly get over the problem and not suffer any ill effects, it can kill your pet. A cat or dog with prolonged gastrointestinal issues can die, if they do not go to a vet quickly for fluids.

If you do plan on taking your naturally meat-eating pet off of its normal diet and placing it on a vegetarian or raw food one, then switch the food gradually. It may take over a month, but by slowing introducing the new foods and, at the same time, removing the old ones, your pet will be able to gradually transition from one to the other.

However, before making any dietary changes, make sure to check with your vet. Although you may believe that a raw food diet, or one of any other extremes may be the right thing to do, some pets just shouldn’t have their diets messed with. A raw food diet, especially one without enough nutrients, may do more harm to your pet than good.

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