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Weird Pet Behaviors Caught on Video

by Staff

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Any pet owner can tell you about the funny things that their cats and dogs do, but it’s much more¬†entertaining to see it for yourself. The funny pet video may have become popular thanks to shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos and the Planet’s Funniest Animals, but it’s YouTube that really cemented the trend.

All of those millions of YouTube users have been busy uploading many different things, including segments of old television shows and music videos, but it’s the ones of cats and dogs doing strange things that get the most traffic. These videos also get publicity thanks to the “clip shows” that pop up on channels like Comedy Central, for example Tosh.O, and daytime talk shows, like the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The funniest thing about these videos is the fact that they are of pets doing what they always do. There is nothing contrived about them. Dogs like to chomp at air that is blown in their faces, just like the ones in this compilation on the Huffington Post. Other crazy things that have been captured on film (well, the digital “film” anyway) and uploaded to YouTube include dogs attacking water as it sprays out of hoses, spinning in circles to music, and chasing their tails. Cats, on the other hand, make up an entirely different class of videos. Some of the highlights include cats trying to attack their reflections in the mirror, laying in funny positions, chasing the light produced by a laser toy, and scampering around while under the influence of catnip.

Besides the invention of YouTube, one of the major advances that is responsible for funny pet videos is the handheld video camera. Back when video cameras were expensive and heavy, it cost more to make a good video, now that the cameras are inexpensive and completely digital, it’s quicker and easier to film your pet and upload it — and usually it only takes a few minutes!

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