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Who Won Gold at the Doggy Olympics?

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While the human Summer Olympics are taking place across the Atlantic Ocean in London, the dog version is going on right here in various cities across the country. With events like the ones held at an Aurora, Illinois event — the Doggy Dash, the Peanut Butter Lick, and Doggie Limbo, the Doggy Olympics can be easily compared to the events of the human variety. The 100 Meter Dash and the High Jump come to mind, although there’s really nothing that compares well with the Peanut Butter Lick. That one is better left to the dogs.

Just like the Summer Olympics, where a good portion of the events take place outdoors, the Doggy Olympics follows suit. In dog runs and special public parks across the United States, canines and their loyal companions are meeting up to enjoy an afternoon of fun and sun — and jumping in water-filled kiddie pools while their humans watch, cheer and eat hot dogs and hamburgers.

Some versions of the Doggy Olympics, like the one that took place recently in Avon, Connecticut, stuck to tradition and opened the ceremonies with canine versions of the Olympic torch, then ended with a series of awarded medals and an official closing ceremony celebration. Events that were held at this Doggy Olympics included water retrieval, hurdles, a modified version of water polo, and a puppy high jump.

It can even be said that the dogs that participate in the Doggy Olympics are properly representing their countries of origin, just like the human athletes that have worked their whole lives to get where they are. Several countries present at various Doggy Olympic events are France (French Poodles), Germany (German Shepherds), the United States (Alaskan Malamute), Japan (Akita Inu), Australia (Australian Cattle Hound), England (Bull Mastiff) and China (the Chow Chow.)

No matter who walked away with medals and which country (or even neighborhood) they represented, all of the canines at these Doggy Olympics are winners, since they have owners who care about them!

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