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Pet Cremation and Animal Lovers Go Hand-in-Hand

by Staff

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The death of a pet used to be marked by a ceremonial grave dug in the backyard, or, depending on the pet, a flush down the toilet. Things have changed drastically in recent years, as people have begun treating their pets more and more like the loved members of the family that they’ve always been, both in death and in life.

As doggy bakeries, celebrity-themed pet product lines and animal-lover magazines beyond the traditional Cat Fancy or Dog Fancy have gone beyond trendiness and became everyday products that aren’t going away anytime soon, so have pet cremations. Now an animal owner¬†can truly treat their pet like a member of the family and have him or her cremated and placed on the mantelpiece right next to grandma or great-aunt Suzy’s ashes. There are even pet urns available in numerous shapes and sizes — some even consist of a ceramic replica of the pet whose ashes are inside of it.

Some¬†cemeteries are even breaking down the pet/people lines and allowing deceased people to be buried with their pet’s ashes alongside them in the same coffin. Until recently, this was completely taboo, not to mention illegal, and in order to be buried with a pet’s ashes, they had to be smuggled into the coffin without the funeral home realizing it. This is just proves how much things have changed.

According to the most recent numbers, a whopping 80% of pet owners get their pets cremated. Whether they die a natural death at home or wind up having to be put to sleep by a trained veterinarian, cremation is a popular option that many pet owners are trending towards. Once your beloved pet has been cremated, then the only issue is in finding the best urn possible to forever memorialize your beloved cat or dog.

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