Black Rock Cremation Urns

Black Rock Cremation Urns


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A perfect pet memorial for your sacred garden retreat. These beautiful poly-resin granite rocks can be placed in a garden sanctuary or displayed indoors. These unique urns are a popular favorite for those that prefer a different look in memorials.

These rocks are made from real Granite particles blended with resin during the molding process. These rocks
 look a lot like natural granite and will be black.

Durable poly-resin construction provides reliable outdoor protection for cremains.

Quality detailing makes these imitation granite stones look and feel real.

Ashes are installed through bottom of urn and sealed with a 2.5" threaded plug.


A UV protected outdoor poly name plate is available.  We can engrave up to three lines with a maximum of 25 characters (includes all letters, numbers, punctuation, blank spaces) per line.  Engraver recommends keeping characters to no more than 22 spaces per line.  The more lines of engraving, the smaller the engraving font will be.


Size L x W x H * Pet Size **
Small 6" x 6" x 5" 0-20 lb. pets
Medium 7" x 6" x 7" 0-25 lb. pets
Large 10" x 7" x 10" 26-100 lb. pets
XLarge 14" x 9" x 14" 101-500 lb. pets


​*Approximate urn dimensions     ** Live Weight of Pet​

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