Cedar Wood Companion Cremation Urn

Cedar Wood Companion Cremation Urn


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The Cedar Wood Companion Cremation Urn has that wonderful aroma and beautiful wood grain associated with cedar. Each urn is unique due to the different coloration and grain of the wood. Urn is easily loaded through a bottom panel secured with screws.

Due to the diverse coloring and natural wood grain of cedar, which also includes small knots and blemishes, engraving is not recommended. You can personalize this urn with a nameplate or applique. Please visit our Personalize Section for Nameplates and other personalization options.


11 1/4"L x 9 1/4"D x 8"H

Holds approximately 400 cubic inches which is large enough for two adults under six feet tall and with a combined healthy weight of less than 400 pounds.

This urn usually ships within 4-5 business days. Ships from the West Coast.