Copper/Bronze Angel Winged Kitty Cremation Urn


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Shipping Weight: 7.00 lbs


Our Copper/Bronze Angel Winged Kitty Urn is made of a metal alloy with a copper/bronze finish and depicts a sweet cat sleeping cozily in a basket. This sculture is intricately detailed.  

The urn is bottom loading through a 2.5" opening and seals with a plastic plug.  Felt covers the bottom of the urn to protect the surface on which it rests.

As with any urn, it is important to keep the cremains in a sealed plastic bag inside the urn. 

Optional engraving is available on a heart shaped tag which can be applied to the cat's collar.   Please limit name to no more than 10 letters and dates to years only.

Approximate measurements are 7" x 5" x 4"  (25 cubic inches).

Ships from the Midwest.