Corinthian Green Porcelain Companion Cremation Urn

Corinthian Green Porcelain Companion Cremation Urn


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The Corinthian Green Porcelain Companion Cremation Urn is a hand-thrown porcelain vase-style urn with a medium green finish.  The urn is shaped in the classic Grecian style with decorative swirls on each side replicating the handles used on ancient urns.  

NOTE:  Although the photo shows the urn in a flat, non-shiny finish, the urn has a satin glaze so will have some shine.

The lid can be temporarily sealed with QuakeHold putty or gel, or permanently sealed with a few drops of household epoxy such as Gorilla Glue or Krazy Glue.

These urns are made by a ceramic artist in the United States.  Because these urns are hand-thrown and hand-glazed, each one will be slightly different, making each urn unique.

As with any urn, it is important to keep the cremains in a sealed plastic bag inside the urn.


Approximately 11"(H) x 9"(W)  - Since each urn is hand-thrown, each will vary slightly in height and width.  They tend to be just a little taller than 11 inches.

Holds approximately 440 cubic inches which is large enough for two people with combined healthy weights of less than 420 pounds.

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