Ebony Marble Book Cremation Urn

Ebony Marble Book Cremation Urn
Ebony Marble Book Cremation Urn Ebony Marble Book Cremation Urn Ebony Marble Book Cremation Urn Engraving Example Engraving Fonts


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Front Side Font
Spine Side Font
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Clipart on Spine:
Front Line 1:
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Front Line 3:
Spine Line 1:
Spine Line 2:
Spine Line 3:

The Ebony Marble Book Cremation Urn is made from ebony marble which is mostly charcoal in color but can have gray and/or white veining.  Fissures or crack lines are a normal occurrence in marble and are not flaws.  The marble is polished so has more of a shine than indicated in the photos.

Personalized text and clip-art can be engraved for an additional charge. We can add text/clip-art to the front of the urn or the spine of the urn or both surfaces.  We recommend no more than three lines of engraving on the front and no more than three lines of engraving on the spine of the book urn if you also want clip-art on those surfaces. Please limit text to no more than 15 spaces per line on the spine and no more than 25 spaces per line on the front of the urn.  The more characters/spaces per line, the smaller the font size will be. Click on the list of font styles below the large photo of the urn to enlarge the list of font styles.  Click on the small sheets of clip-art to view standard clip-art.  Custom clip-art can be engraved for an additional fee - please call us at 800-511-0295 to discuss custom clip-art.  Engraving proofs will be emailed for your approval prior to the urn being engraved and shipped.  Please allow 1-2 business days after the proof approval has been received before the urn ships.

Cremains are loaded through a threaded plug on the bottom of the urn.  It is important to keep the cremains in a sealed plastic bag inside the urn.


10.5"H x 9"L x 4.5"D - Due to the milling process of the marble, all sizes are approximate.

This urn holds 220 cubic inches which is adequate for most adults who were less than 6 ft tall with a healthy weight less than 210 lbs.

Ships from the Midwest.