Ivy Bronze Book Companion Cremation Urn


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Engraving Font:
First Name
First Dates
First Sentiment:
Second Name
Second Dates
Second Sentiment:
Blacken Engraving:

Highly stylized cast bronze urn with an elegant book design and ivy motif on the spine. Cremains are easily loaded by removing the screws that attach the spine.

This is a professionally crafted, museum quality work of art. Crafted using the lost wax process.

The companion urn has only one compartment so cremains can be comingled or two separate bags of cremains can be placed inside the urn.  This style is also available as an individual urn.  

Engraving area is only about 3.75" x 3.75" - Just enough space for names, dates, and very short sentiments. 

Companion: Size: 5"W x 10-3/4"H x 9"L
Cubic Inches: only holds 325 cubic inches - large enough for two small adults with heights less than 65 inches and their combined healthy weights less than 325 pounds - This is much smaller than most companion urns which hold about 400 cubic inches.

These books are made in small batches at a time and are not always in stock.  Please call for availability if you need the urn in a timely manner.  If not in stock, urn may not ship for 4-6 weeks.