Kingston Companion Cremation Urn

Kingston Companion Cremation Urn
Kingston Companion Cremation Urn Poplar - Lighter Poplar - Inclusions Standard & Large Sizes Black-on-Brass-Nameplate Engraving Font Examples


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Introducing the Kingston set, a unique Companion Cremation Urn Set for the home, cemetery, or columbarium. We are able to cut the wood for the top in such a way that two of these urns, side by side will have matching grain flowing from one urn to the other, creating a unique set of urns for Couples!

These cremation urns are made from a unique combination of metal and wood. The base and lid are made of natural Poplar wood and the body is aluminum that is powder-coated black.

Combined, they inspire a sense of home and hearth.

Another unique feature of this urn is that the lid is pressure fit with a simple (yet clever) gasket, ensuring a secure closure. So no plugs on the bottom or twist off lids like most urns. 

It's simple, elegant and organic!  And, each urn is individually made by hand in the U.S. by the artist. 

More Details:

Wood Tone Color Option: Natural Poplar wood varies in color from a small amount of greenish-off-white to mid-toned brownish green, black, purple, yellow, and even red and sometimes all in the same board. If you have a preference, we will do our best to honor it but we cannot guarantee that we will have the exact variation of coloring in stock. Please select your preference or no preference in the options.

Engraving:  Personalized engraving on a Black on Brass nameplate is available. If you would like to customize your nameplate with a different color, style, etc then please call or email us. NOTE: Nameplate will ship separately via USPS Priority Mail within 24 hours.

Cremation Urn Sizes:  

Standard Size - Each Urn (Two in Set): 6" x 6" x about 10" Tall.  Will not exceed 10.5".

Capacity - Each Urn: 200 cubic inches - Suitable for a loved who's average weight was 200 pounds or less. 

Large Size - Each Urn (Two in Set): 6" x 6" x about 11 3/8" Tall. Will not exceed 12".

Capacity - Each Urn: 270 cubic inches  - Suitable for a loved one who's average weight was 250 pounds or less, or an Aquamation process was used.


Shipping:  We generally ship within 24 hours of receipt of Order.  Each standard size urn weighs about 10 lbs, and the large is about 12 pounds. However, the shipping weight is dimensional, and based on the size of the shipping cartons and is how UPS and FedEx calculate shipping charges.