Permanent Sand Cremation Urn


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The Permanent Ocean Sand Urns are not designed for water burial and are slightly darker than the water burial sand urns. The permanent Sand Urns are made from real beach sand and gelatin and are fire burned for a permanent urn that you can keep in your home or use as a burial urn.  We recommend using an urn vault with this urn for burial.  This urn is also available as a biodegradable urn.

Each urn is hand crafted by professional artisans who put their energy and love into every urn.  To see how beautiful this urn is in a natural coastal setting, click on Detailed Images.

The ashes are placed in a water soluble bag (included with the urn) and the biodegradable bag of ashes is then placed in the urn. No glue is needed to seal the urn. To seal the lid, carefully moisten the lid bottom and attach it to the urn which allows it to seal itself. 

The base of the permanent urn has black velvet on the bottom.

This urn will keep indefinitely as long as it is kept inside in a dry environment.

All our urns are carefully packaged and this urn in particular is safe for air travel and can be carried onto most commercial airliners.

Included with each urn is a biodegradable bag.

Standard:  8.86"(H) x 6.89"Diameter

Holds 200 cubic inches

Mini Urn:  5"(H) x 5"Diameter

Holds 50 cubic inches

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