Plum Blossom Ceramic Adult Cremation Urn

Plum Blossom Ceramic Adult Cremation Urn


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Our Plum Blossom Ceramic Adult Cremation Urn is a ceramic urn with hand-painted plum blossoms and branches on a blue background.  Plum blossoms are symbols of perseverance, hope, beauty, purity, as well as the transient nature of life which reminds us to love and cherish everyday we have with our loved ones.

The lid sits on the top of the urn.  You can temporarily seal the urn using QuakeHold or museum putty, and you can permanently seal it using any household epoxy such as Krazy Glue or Gorilla Glue.

Felt on the bottom of the urn protects furniture.

This urn cannot be engraved.  There are Medallion Name Plates or the Gold or Silver Oval Name Plates in our Personalize Category can be engraved and then hung from a chain or ribbon around the neck of the urn.

As with any urn, it is important to keep the cremains inside a sealed plastic bag inside the urn.


10.25"H x 7.3"W 

Holds approximately 200 cubic inches which is large enough for most adults less than 6 ft tall with a healthy weight less than 200 lbs.

Item usually ships same business day if order is submitted by 10am Eastern Time.  Ships from the Midwest.