Scattering Cylinder Cremation Urn

Scattering Cylinder Cremation Urn


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The Scattering Cylinder Cremation Urn is designed to simplify the process of scattering the ashes of your loved one. The cylinders are durable and simple to use with a removable lid and a perforated push-in tab that opens easily to allow one to scatter the cremains. There are no metal or plastic components so they can be buried, recycled, or composted after the cremains have been scattered. Cremains can also be buried in the scattering tubes since the cylinders are biodegradable.

These scattering tubes are TSA approved for "in-cabin" airline transportation.

If multiple family members want to participate in the scattering ceremony, or if ashes of a loved one are to be scattered in multiple areas, mini-size scattering tubes can be used. The mini-size scattering tube would also be appropriate for infants weighing less than 10 pounds.


Standard: 12.6" H x 5" W - Holds 200 cubic inches

Mini: 5.25" H x 2.95" W - Holds 20 cubic inches - PLEASE CALL 800-511-0295 for 15% off COUPON if ordering 4 or more mini scattering tubes