Azure Aqua Porcelain Cremation Urn

Azure Aqua Porcelain Cremation Urn
Azure Aqua Porcelain Cremation Urn Hanging Gold Oval Nameplate Hanging Silver Oval Nameplate Fonts


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Our Azure Aqua Porcelain Cremation Urn is hand-thrown and hand-glazed, not mass produced in a factory.  The beautiful blue coloring reminds one of the sea or a quiet, serene mountain lake.
Due to the nature of the clay, hand-glazing, and the firing process, there can be slight differences in colors, patterns and actual dimensions with each porcelain cremation urn, making each urn unique.
The lids are not threaded so you will need to use QuakeHold or museum putty to secure the lid temporarily, or use the included epoxy to permanently seal the urn.
Comes with velour urn bag cover.

10 1/4 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches
Cubic Inches: 220 - large enough for most adults under six feet tall and with a healthy weight of less than 220 pounds.
Usually ships same business day if order is placed by noon Eastern Time.  Ships from the East Coast.