Books on Death and Dying

Suggested readings:

“I Can’t Stop Crying; It’s So Hard When Someone You Love Dies” 

– John D. Martin, Frank D. Ferris, Robert Buckman. 

Written by professionals dealing with death, loss and grief, this book is an invaluable reference book for those facing a crisis. The book contains practical examples that show the effect of grief on inter-personal relationships. It also explains the process of grieving and makes people understand that they have every right to feel whatever they do – be it anger, sadness or hopelessness. It even tells you how to ‘break’ the sad news upon other people and help them during those immediate hours of need. 

“On Death and Dying” 

- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

According to one reader, only two groups of people need not read this masterpiece – those that are not mortal, and those that cannot read. For every one else (that’s you and me), this book is a must-read. The main aim of the book is to ‘sensitize family members of terminally ill patients …to the implicit communications of dying patients’. The interviews given in the book are, in the most part, by people who are facing death. After reading this book, you may begin to see that although death is not be a happy subject, it needn’t be a dark and menacing mystery any more. 

“Safe Passage: Words to Help the Grieving Hold Fast and Let Go” 

- Molly Fumia. 

The words of comfort offered in this book move the reader through the rough and raw emotions of pain, anger, guilt and hopelessness to acceptance and transformation. The book consists of short meditations that help you deal with and understand the various stages of grief. This book has been used by many as a mainstay of their lives when they were going through intense pain and loss. 

“You Can Help Someone Who’s Grieving” - Victoria Frigo, Diane Fisher and Mary Lou Cook. Filled with common sense advice on how to help a grieving friend, it addresses the problem of helping a friend through the grieving process. It clearly states why we feel so uncomfortable dealing with grief and comes out with practical suggestions on how to help.

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