Bronze Sparta I Cremation Urn

Bronze Sparta I Cremation Urn
Bronze Sparta I Cremation Urn Bronze Sparta I Cremation Urn


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The Bronze Sparta I Cremation Urn is a Roman style urn made of cast bronze.  The handles on each side make this a very unique looking urn.  A threaded lid secures the urn after the cremains are placed inside.  
Casting is a method of producing one or more copies of an urn. The original urn is modelled out of wood or other material and then covered with a moulding material which sets hard when dry. The mould is then separated to release the original sculpture.  Once the mould is reassembled, the bronze is poured into the void and left to set.  When the casting has cooled, or cured, the mould is again separated to release the urn, and then reassembled to cast the next copy.  The cast urn then requires some finishing work to remove mould lines and other imperfections.
It is recommended to keep cremains in a sealed plastic bag inside any urn. 
Personalized engraving on this urn is available for an additional fee.  Please click on the small print below the photo of the urn to view the font choices and write your chosen font style in the option Engraving Font.  You have the option of having the engraving filled with a black ink which makes the engraving stand out more, or you can have the engraving without the black fill and still have it very readable but the engraving would be more subtle.  We can engrave three lines of text on this urn.  Please limit engraving to no more than 34 characters (all letters/numbers/punctuation/spaces) per line.  Please allow one business day after the proof has been approved before urn ships.
A velour urn cover is included.
11 1/2 in. x 7 in. x 7 in.
Cubic Inches: 220 cubic inches.  This urn is appropriate for most people who weighed less than 220 lbs when healthy.
Non-engraved urns usually ship the same business day if order is placed by 11am Eastern Time.