Cherry Cremation Urn with Inlay


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The Cherry Cremation Urn with Inlay is a beautifully finished cherry hardwood urn accented with a band of decorative inlay all around the urn and on the top of the urn.  This simple but elegant urn is sized to fit most niches but can also be displayed in the home.  This urn loads by removing several screws and a plate from the bottom of the urn.

As with any urn, it is highly recommended to keep the cremains in a sealed plastic bag inside the urn.  This plastic bag will take up 5-10 cubic inches of space in the urn.

6"(H) x 9"(W) x 7.25"(D)

Volume:  200 Cubic Inches - Suitable for most adults with healthy weights less than 200 pounds.

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