Classic SilverGold Cremation Urn


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SKU: SKU21-5092
Shipping Weight: 6.00 lbs


The Classic SilverGold Cremation Urn is a solid brass urn with a hand-etched design over the whole urn and lid.  Urns have a felt base.  Top-loading with a threaded lid.  Each urn comes in a velvet box.

The large urn is appropriate for most adults and the medium and small urns are the perfect size for young children, infants, and those beloved four-legged members of the family.  The keepsake size is for those who wish to share a bit of cremains with family members.

Available in four popular sizes:

Large: 10.75" high - holds 228 Cubic Inches
Medium: 7" high - holds 87 Cubic Inches
Small: 6" high - holds 43 Cubic Inches
Keepsake: 2.75" high - holds 3 Cubic Inches

Urns usually ship same business day if order is placed by 1:00pm Eastern Time.