Black Glass Cremation Urn


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Shipping Weight: 8.00 lbs

Name Plate::

Similar to the Baroque Glass Urn but slimmer, this urn features hand-cut art glass with genuine brass trim in a silver-tone finish. The glass color is a dark charcoal several shades lighter than black. It contains no purple shades as may be noted on your computer monitor.

Adult urn includes a colored velvet case which may be a different color than the one pictured..
Keepsake urn includes heart velvet case.

Keepsake sold separatly Please select the size you wish to order.

Adult: 202 cu. in., 10.5 ht.
Keepsake: 3 cu. in., 3 ht.

Usually ships same business day if order is placed before 1:00pm Eastern Time.  Ships from the East Coast.