Dragonfly Raku Cremation Urn

Dragonfly Raku Cremation Urn
Dragonfly Raku Cremation Urn Dragonfly - Aqua Luster Dragonfly - Aqua Luster Dragonfly - Aqua Luster Dragonfly Raku - Aqua Luster Dragonfly Raku - Aqua Luster Dragonfly Raku - Aqua Luster Aqua Luster Glaze with green coloring White Crackle Hanging Gold Oval Nameplate Hanging Silver Oval Nameplate Engraving Fonts


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Shipping Weight: 8.00 lbs


This beautiful and elegant Dragonfly Raku Cremation urn (Aqua Luster Glaze Shown in large photo - other glazes shown below) is professionally hand-crafted using the ancient Japenese Raku firing process. The shiny, glazed surface shows the unique blues, greens, and copper tones created by the aqua luster finish and the firing process.  Please note that each urn will be different in coloring, with some urns having more blues with or without copper coloring and other urns having more greens with or without copper coloring.  The Lemon Luster glaze tends to have more golds, yellows, and greens, with or without copper coloring.  We have attached several photos of each glaze color to show some of the different ways the urns will turn out.  The contemporary design makes this a versatile decorative piece of ceramic memorial art that will fit in any home.

The process of  Raku firing differs from other firing methods because the pots are removed from the kiln at their maximum temperature and placed in a bed of straw or leaves in an air-tight container. The plant material bursts into flame and the reduction chamber is sealed. The flames, smoke, and oxygen starved atmosphere transform the glazed surface to the unique colors and textures of Raku.  

The Dragonfly Urn is one of our most popular raku cremation urns. Each Raku urn is a totally unique piece of art; no two will ever be alike.

Please note that the engraved nameplate can take a day or two for engraving.  We ship the nameplates with USPS.  Please limit engraving to no more than 30 characters/spaces per line.


Standard(180 c.i.)  Made to Order 6-8 Weeks

Measures approximately 10 - 10 1/2 inches high x 7 - 7 1/2 inches wide.

Large (220 c.i.) - Made to Order 6-8 Weeks

Measures approximately 10 1/2 - 11 1/2 inches high x 8 - 8 1/2 inches wide.

Double(375 c.i.) - Made to Order 6-8 Weeks

Small(Approx 75 c.i.) - Made to Order 6-8 Weeks

Keepsake(Approx 45 c.i.) - Made to Order 6-8 Weeks

(c.i.) = Cubic Inches

Weights are Dimensional  used for Shipping.  Standard and large ceramic urns weigh about 5-6 lbs.

Wondering how to choose the right size urn? Please click on Choosing the Right Size Urn Here.

You may be wondering about the lids. Some people choose to leave the lid unsealed as the ashes are kept in a sealed plastic bag. However, many choose to seal the lid. Please Click on Ceramic and Marble Sealing Instructions Here.