Embrace Autumn Biodegradable Cremation Urn


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This beautiful Embrace Autumn Leaves Biodegradable Urn is sustainably made from elegant black handmade paper.  Beautiful skeletal leaves are imbedded into the lid.  Click on Detailed Images for a close-up view.  The urn is suitable for earth burial, storage, or ceremonial use.  This urn will last for decades as long as it is kept inside in a dry environment.

Included with this urn is a biodegradable plastic bag.  Cremains should be transferred to the biodegradable plastic bag before being buried.  After burial, this urn will biodegrade naturally over time.  The time it takes to biodegrade depends on the depth of burial and the temperature and wetness of the soil.

These urns exceed the durable container and TSA airline carry-on requirements.

This urn is available in three different sizes.

Standard: 8.5" x 8.5" x 5"H - 230 cubic inches

Medium: 6.25" x 6.25" x 3.5"H - 100 cubic inches

Mini: 4.25" x 4.25" x 2.5"H - 30 cubic inches

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