Falling Leaves Maple Raku Cremation Urn

Falling Leaves Maple Raku Cremation Urn
Falling Leaves Maple Raku Cremation Urn Lemon Luster on Heavy Metal.jpg White Crackle on Rosensus Lemon Luster Leaves on Heavy Metal Urn Glaze Hanging Gold Oval Nameplate Hanging Silver Oval Nameplate Fonts


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The beautiful Falling Leaves Maple Raku Urn is a ceramic stoneware cremation urn that has been Raku fired. This is a hand-made urn with raised maple leaves on a contrasting background.  You can choose white crackle Maple Leaves with a Rosensus glaze on the urn, or Lemon Luster Maple Leaves on an urn with a Heavy Metal glaze.  The photo above shows Lemon Luster leaves on an urn with Heavy Metal glaze.  Please click on the tab titled Detailed Images to view a sample of white crackle leaf on Rosensus glaze.

The process of  Raku firing differs from other firing methods because the urns are removed from the kiln at their maximum temperature and placed into a container filled with straw or dry leaves.  The dry material catches fire, the container is sealed, and the smoke, flames, and oxygen deprivation are what causes the unique colors and textures of raku.  Please remember that each Raku urn is a totally unique piece of art; no two will ever be alike. 

As these are custom works of hand-crafted art, please allow 4 weeks before your urn is shipped. Please call or email if you need it faster.

This beautiful raku ceramic urn is available in several different sizes to suit your need.

Standard (180 cubic inches)

Large (220 cubic inches)

Double (375 cubic inches) .

We offer two different colors. Please view the available colors below by clicking on the Detailed Image Tab. The pedistals are for show only and are not available.

Wondering how to choose the right size urn? Please click on Choosing the Right Size Urn Here.

You may be wondering about the lids. Some people choose to leave the lid unsealed as the ashes are kept in a sealed plastic bag. However, many choose to seal the lid. Please Click on Ceramic and Marble Sealing Instructions Here.