How to Bury a Pet Casket


Instructions for Interring a Pet Casket


1.  Gently place your beloved pet in the casket and seal the casket according to the manufacturer's directions.

2.  Place the casket on the grave site as a guide for size.

3.  Place two tarps or two large pieces of plastic next to the grave site.

4.  Remove the sod from an area 3-4 inches larger than the width and length of the casket and place the sod on a tarp or plastic sheet.

5.  Remove the dirt to whatever depth you want to use and place the dirt on the other tarp or plastic sheet.

6.  You should now have a rectangular hole 2-3 feet deep.  It is important that there be at least two feet of soil on top of the casket.

7.  Loosen at least an inch of soil on the bottom, working out the clumps.

8.  Lower the casket gently and place it firmly on the loosened soil.

9.  Add the removed soil a few inches at a time around the perimeter of the casket, stopping to tamp the soil firmly as you go.

10. Stop when you are about three inches below the seal of the casket, add about two inches of water and allow it to drain.

11. Continue to fill a few inches at a time and tamp the soil, filling to the point so that when you replace the sod it will be about one inch higher than the surrounding ground.  As the ground settles, the grave site should become level with the surrounding ground.

12. Once the ground has settled, you may place a memorial marker on the grave site, or not replace the sod and plant a flower garden on the grave site as is the custom in many countries.

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