How to seal the lid on a ceramic or marble urn


Usually, people choose to not seal the urn. However, sealing the lid on a ceramic or marble urn is very easy.

You can purchase many types of sealants from your local hardware store, but we suggest choosing a clear silicon sealant for a good water and air tight permanent seal.

Simply sqeeze a thin bead of silicon sealant onto lid then securely attach the lid to the urn. Generally you would let the sealant dry for 24 hours. Check the instructions on your sealant.  If you later want to remove the lid, just twist the lid back and forth with some force. Some of the urn designs will allow you to place dental floss between the lid and the base. You can than use a sawing motion to cut through the sealant. 

You can also, use this same procedure to attach appliques, crosses, and nameplates to your urn.

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