Ichthys Raku Cremation Urn

Ichthys Raku Cremation Urn
Ichthys Raku Cremation Urn Aqua Luster White Crackle Hanging Gold Oval Nameplate Hanging Silver Oval Nameplate Fonts


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The Ichthys Raku Urn is a hand-thrown ceramic urn that has been Raku fired.  The urn has a contemporary shape with a top-opening lid and is simply embellished with the Ichthys symbol.  Ichthys is the Greek word for fish and was used by early Christians as a secret symbol during their persecution by the Roman Empire in the first few centuries after Christ.  It was used to mark meeting places and tombs, or to distinguish friends from foes.  Today, it is used by Christians as a symbol of their faith. 

Raku is a traditional and ancient Japanese firing process where the urns are removed from the kiln at their maximum temperature and placed in a container filled with straw, leaves, or other organic material.  The high heat from the urn sets the organic material on fire.  The container is then sealed, allowing the flames, smoke, and oxygen deprived atmosphere to create the unique textures and colors of Raku.  

This urn is available in three different glazes or colors. The large photo with the ichthys symbol is an urn with the Aqua Luster glaze.  Please click on the gray tab titled Detailed Images to review the available colors. Each Raku urn is a totally unique piece of art; no two will ever be alike. 

As these are custom works of hand-crafted art, please allow 4 weeks before your urn is shipped. Please call if you need it faster.

Th Ichthys Raku Urn is available in several different sizes to suit your need.

Standard (180 cubic inches)

Large (220 cubic inches)

Double (375 cubic inches)

Wondering how to choose the right size urn? Please click on Choosing the Right Size Urn.

You may be wondering about the lids. Some people choose to leave the lid unsealed as the ashes are kept in a sealed plastic bag. However, many choose to seal the lid. Please Click on Ceramic and Marble Sealing Instructions Here.