Lovedrop Pet Cremation Urn Midnight

Lovedrop Pet Cremation Urn Midnight
Lovedrop Pet Cremation Urn Midnight Velvet urn bag Font Styles


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The LoveDrop Pet Cremation urn features a beautiful black pearlescent enamel finish on a solid brass body with lovely silver paws. The urn is protected with a GlossCoat™ and comes with an attractive velvet pouch.

Offered by Memorial Urns and handcrafted with love by LoveUrns®.

Each urn is made by artisans with care and dedication to detail.

The urn is easily loaded by unscrewing a plug on the bottom of the urn.  

Please be sure to keep the cremains in a sealed plastic bag inside the urn.  This plastic bag will take up 5-10 cubic inches of space inside the urn.


Medium:  5"W x 6" H - 60 Cubic Inches

Important Information about Sizing:

One pound of body weight equals approximately 1 cubic inch of volume. This is an estimate only. Some pets may require a larger urn.

Usually ships same business day of ordered by noon Eastern Time. Ships from the Midwest.