Teardrop Cremation Urn - Silver Gold


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The Beautiful Teardrop Cremation Urn with silver gold  finish is contemporary in design but timeless in meaning:  Our sorrow, our tears shed for a loved one we have lost.  This solid brass urn has a gorgeous polished silver finish.  Urns are loaded through the bottom.

Each item is ordered separately: 
Adult urn with a black velvet case
Keepsake urn with velvet pouch
Keepsake set with keepsake urn and matching case with engraved lid
Jewelry pendant.  A leather cord, funnel, glue, and filling instructions are included with the pendant. 

ENGRAVING:  Available only for the lid of the keepsake set.  Please limit engraving to two lines with no more than 20 characters (including blank spaces) on the top line and no more than 28 characters (including blank spaces) on the lower line.

Adult: 10.25"H x 7"W x 7"D with a volume of approximately 190 cubic inches
Keepsake: 3"H x 2"W with a volume of approximately 3 cubic inches 
Keepsake Set: Keepsake is 3"H x 2"W; Case is approximately 5.5"H x 4"W.
Pendant: 1"H x 0.75"W with a volume of approximately 1/4 teaspoon