Large Platinum and Gold Pet Cremation Urn


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Shipping Weight: 5.00 lbs


The Large Platinum and Gold Pet Cremation Urn is made of solid brass with a platinum colored finish that has been intricately hand-etched.  This is accented with several gold colored bands around the urn and on the lid.  Maintain the beauty of this urn with an occasional dusting with a soft dry cloth.  A threaded lid allows easy loading of cremains and the felt base protects furnishings.  

This urn is perfect for most small pets with healthy weights of less than 80 pounds.  Depending on the cremation process used, this urn may hold a pet weighing up to 100 pounds when healthy.  Always contact your pet crematory to be sure the urn you order is the correct size.


8.25" High x 5.25"W with a volume of approximately 100 cubic inches.

Urn usually ships same business day if order is placed before 2pm Eastern Time.  Ships from the East Coast.