Stone Picture Frame Cremation Urn for Cat


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Shipping Weight: 7.00 lbs


This is a precious cultured stone picture frame urn for your cat, inscribed with "Cat's leave paw prints on your heart forever...." Cultured stone is cast from stone particles mixed with polyresin, forming a beautiful and extremely durable urn that looks and feels like stone.

The oval picture frame holds a 3" x 2" photo of your cherished kitty.

Urn Size: 9"w x 5"h x 6"d
Holds 55 Cubic Inches which is large enough for most pets weighing 40 pounds or less.  As with all urns, cremains should be in a sealed plastic bag inside the urn and this plastic bag will take up some of the room in the urn.


The rule of thumb to determine the size urn you need for your pet is 1 lb of healthy body weight is equal to about 1 cubic inches of cremains.  However, this can differ due to bone density, frame, and the cremation process used.