Rose Glass Adult Cremation Urn

Rose Glass Adult Cremation Urn


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Featuring our newest and gorgeous Rose Glass Adult Cremation Urn. This is a custom-made hand blown glass urn with swirling shades of Mauve.

The urn is accented with a ruffled top and glass stopper. These urns are made by master glass blowers in the Pacific Northwest. Blown glass offers a way to create a unique visual memory of your loved one. Since no two urns will ever be exactly the same, each urn will be as individual as the person they honor. These wonderful memorial urns can also be displayed as dramatic pieces of art in your home.

The tops for the urns are made of glass.  If you intend to have access to the cremains in the future, you can use QuakeHOLD or museum putty.  A pliable sealer like silicone window sealer can also be used and can be cut open in the future without damage to the urn.  If you want to permanently seal the urn, Gorilla Glue, Krazy Glue, or a similar product will bond the cap or top to the urn at or greater than the strength of the glass itself.


Approximately 11" high x 8" wide. Since each glass urn is individually blown, each will vary slightly in height and diameter but is guaranteed to fit 12" tall niches.  If your urn is to be placed in a niche, please be sure to inform us of the inside Width dimensions of the niche if it is close to 8 inches wide so that we can be sure the urn we ship will fit the niche.

Urn weight is approximated 10 pounds.  Dimensional shipping weight is approximated 14 pounds.

Volume:  Holds approximately 220 cubic inches which is large enough for most persons with healthy body weights less than 220 lbs.

Please call 800-511-0295 regarding pricing for custom size urns. 

Please allow 3-5 business days before urn ships. If an urn needs to be a specific size to fit a niche, or if an urn needs to be made in a larger size than 220 cubic inches, please allow up to two weeks before the item ships.  We can expedite orders somewhat if a memorial service date needs to be met.  Please call 800-511-0295 if you have any questions. Ships from the West Coast.