Silver-Gold Rectangle Cremation Urn

Silver-Gold Rectangle Cremation Urn


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The beautiful Silver-Gold Rectangle Urn is unique in shape and design.  This brass urn features a silver-gold finish with a hand-etched design on all sides as well as the top of the urn. Loads from the bottom of the urn.  A felt base protects furnishings.   A velvet carrying case features some of the same beautiful metal work as seen on the urn and can be used to store the urn or used as a memory chest filled with mementos.

This urn can be engraved in the flat brushed brass sections on the front and top of the urn by your local engraver or trophy shop. 

Opening/Filling: This Beautiful Cremation has four screws on the bottom to remove the bottom plate so you can easily insert the ashes.


10"L x 6"D x  6"H and has a volume 220 cubic inches which is suitable for an adult who was under six feet tall and had a healthy body weight of less than 220 pounds.

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